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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Le MERIDIEN in Malta encourages creativity, promotes the arts and unlocks your destination with an inspiring perspective.

The 5 star hotel, as a creative hub that highlights arts and culture on the island, presents The Living World painting exhibition by Chloe Waterfield. This grasping display of art will be on show at the hotel throughout July.


Born in England and raised in Malta, Chloe Waterfield belongs to this upcoming generation of artists who have roots everywhere. Ever since she began experimenting with art, she has sought her inspiration from all corners of the globe. To her, nature is limitless and without borders. This powerful message expresses itself in her art. Chloe has been determined to succeed from a very young age. She took charge of her career in a committed fashion by hosting a series of exhibitions and readings called The Contemporaries. She actively participated in collective exhibitions including the Dolmen Arts Expression in 2011.

With her first solo exhibition The Art Instinct in 2013, Chloe Waterfield's style finally came to the fore. Her works can be described as semi-abstract pieces inspired by Paleolithic art. But not only.They are also colourful celebrations of the world's endangered species inspired by Franz Marc.This solo exhibition was a launching pad for her international career which has since seen her works exhibited in the Traces of Life juried show in the US.

Chloe takes her inspiration from artists who have, in their work, made nature more dynamic, including Van Gogh, Franz Marc, Salvador Dali and Georgia O'Keeffe. Her strongest influence, however, comes from the painted caves of Europe. The very beginning of art history, after all. 


Now her career is about to take its next flight with another solo exhibition at Le Méridien St Julians Hotel & Spa. An appealing display targeting the creative hotel guests and visitors of Le Méridien, which she hopes “will have a David Attenborough’s effect on people. I want to show them the beauty and the diversity of nature, to make them appreciate it before it's too late.”

This upcoming exhibition focuses on several of Chloe's signature styles: semi-abstract and vivid Paleolithic-inspired paintings depicting some of the most fascinating species. As an innovative venture for this artist, the exhibition will also include a new series of works: Endangered Peoples focusing on the world's most endangered tribes, unveiling their identity through varied techniques. This is a must-seen for all art enthusiasts in search of new inspiring perspectives.

The Living World exhibition, curated by Joe D. Hamilton, will be on display until the 31st of July at Le Méridien St Julians Hotel & Spa.

Cooking with Reuben

Reuben Grixti, Executive Head Chef at Le MERIDIEN St Julians Hotel & Spa presents:


An amazingly tasty pasta dish!


500g paccheri pasta
100g pancetta
40g sundried tomatoes
30g onions
12 ml extra virgin olive oil
50ml white wine
80ml chicken stock
60ml fresh cream
30g fresh spinach


Chop the pancetta, the onions and the sundried tomatoes. Heat some extra virgin olive oil in a pan. Add the diced pancetta and the chopped onions. Sauté over a medium heat until the onions are a nice light golden brown. Add the wine and bring to a boil. Continue to boil until your preparation is reduced by half. Add the chicken stock and the chopped sundried tomatoes. Simmer gently for a few minutes. Reserve and keep warm. Cook the pasta in a pot of boiling salted water, stirring occasionally, until Al Dente. This ideal cooking point is soft but holds shape, and is starchy enough for your sauce to stick on to perfection. Drain well and transfer the cooked paccheri into the sauce. Add the fresh cream. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Plate, garnish with fresh spinach tossed in extra virgin olive oil and serve immediately.

Tell us what you think about this recipe and/or if you find ways to personalize it!
Taste this dish at KuDeTa Lounge & Bar, level 3 of the hotel, throughout summer. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

It smells like BBQ...

With the heat of the peak season, outdoor venues flourish on the island, opening their doors to visitors in search of a great summery vibe and a pleasant evening breeze. Le Méridien in Balluta Bay presents the re-opening of an inspiring fashionable outlet worth experiencing this summer: La Bajja Restaurant.

La Bajja outdoor restaurant, on the rooftops of Le Méridien St Julians Hotel & Spa, unveils a different perspective on the Mediterranean Sea. Indeed, this inspiring summer venue offers an unexpected viewpoint on pretty Balluta Bay and its surroundings. Perched on the 12th floor of the hotel, you will enjoy fantastic views and a welcomed refreshing summer breeze whilst indulging in Le Méridien creative cuisine.

La Bajja opens to food-enthusiastic visitors for a summer dining experience on the grill two evenings per week starting on July, 2nd. Fish lovers are in for a mid-week treat with Pesci ai Ferri every Wednesday evening at €28 per person. On Friday, Le Méridien reinvents our summer classic with a traditional barbecue at €26.50 per person.

Let yourself be enchanted by this unusual venue, up and away from our usual wining and dining whereabouts.

Visit or call 2311 0000 to book your dining experience.

Monday, May 26, 2014


Naomi Gatt and Claudia Muscat have combined their artistic talents to present a colourful and varied array of exhibits under the common title SUI GENERIS.  This unique painters’ exhibition is being hosted at Le Méridien St Julians Hotel & Spa in Balluta Bay. Indeed, the hotel has consistently established itself as a mecca for Maltese and foreign artists alike over the past 7 years.

Naomi Gatt is a graphic designer and owns a first degree in Communication and Psychology. The mastering of these two essential elements of human interactions enables her to express her inner feelings in poignant and surprisingly accurate female facial expressions.  She has playful traits which bring out unexpected renderings in her depiction of common objects.  Naomi has dabbled with various topics and different media, however what lures her most is the capturing of faces.  The viewer is transported to the soul of the painting through the eyes of these inspiring portraits. It is a very powerful way for Naomi Gatt to bring her deepest emotions to the forefront of her exhibits. She chooses simple, nearly depurated images and transforms them into intense art depictions.

by Naomi Gatt. All rights reserved.